6 Rules for testing pressure of HDPE Pipe

6 Rules for testing pressure of HDPE Pipe

6 Rules for testing pressure of HDPE Pipe

Pipe Water pressure test must be with connected PE Pipe before landfills, to check the pipe pressure whether reach the standard of working pressure and pipe pressure, also to check the strength of connecting part between pipe and fitting. The leakage or squib on joint will affect the whole pipe networks running if water pressure test. Below is six criterion for HDPE Pipe pressure test: 

1. At least 12 hours steeping in water for PE Pipe before pressure test.

2.The still water pressure should not be less 1.5 times than pipe working pressure, and more than 0.80MPa. It is not allowed to use air pressure test instead of water pressure.

3.During pressure test,the pipe length should be less than 1000meters when with joint. If no joint, her length should be less than 500 meters.

4.The braced sheeting on joint should be checked carefully before pressure test, avoid loose and fall off.

5.The pressure forcing machine should be with measure equipment. If with spring pressure measurement, her accuracy should be more than 1.5 grade, range should be 1.3-1.5 times of the testing pressure, diameter of dial plate should be more than 150mm.

6.The valve on testing pipe should be open. Such like the valve on water-harmmer arrestor and fire hydrant.