Why UHMWPE is called "Magical Plastic"
Ultra big molecular weight polythylene(UHMWPE) tunnel escape pipeline,is linetype thermoplastic engineering plastic with more than 2.5 million molecular weight,which is polymerizated by ethylene, butadiene monomer and catalyzer. In 1957 years,Allied Chemical from USA is the first industrial manufacturer of such pipe.After then, Hoechst and Her-Cules from Germany, Ben-Mitsui Petrochemistry from Japan also start industrial production. China succeed in develop and produce UHMWPE in 1964 years.

●Light weight, 1/3 weight of steel tube, easy to install and carry.
●The pipeline with good toughness,high impact strength(5 times of polycarbonate pipeline),there is instant deformation on the pipeline when attacked by strong external force,absorb large of impact energy,then resile very quickly, that could ensure the safety condition for tunnel lifesaving.
●High ring stiffness,good pressure resistance(Max.4Mpa),difficult to deform. With better performance of pressure bearing and anti destroy when tunnel collapse.

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